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Sonny Liston KO's Floyd Patterson in two minutes

Sonny Side Up

It’s not very often that a Heavyweight Boxing world champion goes into a title bout as the underdog. But then there weren't many fighters like Sonny Liston. With a long arrest record and supposed mob connections, Liston was a formidable fighter and 25 pounds heavier than the current champ Floyd Patterson, who he fought on this day in 1962. Surly Sonny boasted that he’d thrash Patterson in five rounds and the press and fight fans agreed. But they were wrong. Liston only needed one round to destroy his opponent, knocking him out with a massive left hook to the jaw.

Ten months after the fight, Liston and Patterson would meet again in the contractually obliged rematch. With the same result. Patterson was knocked out in the first round. But Liston’s reign wouldn’t last long. In 1964, Liston came up against a young fighter called Cassius Clay. Liston’s power was no match for Clay’s speed and agility and the champ threw in the towel during the seventh round and a new fighting legend was initiated.