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On this day:

Mary Connors attempts British human cannonball distance record

Cannon Fodder

As they say, history is written by the victors. But we feel that they shouldn’t be the only ones celebrated. The tryers should also be recognised too. Perhaps they didn’t go home with the gold, but they almost certainly should have been presented with some sort of medal for effort. And one of these noble people is Mary Connors who, on this day in 1974, tried, and failed, to break the British human cannonball distance record.

She had hoped to be shot across the River Avon and safely into the warm embrace of a safety net on the opposite bank.Mary had prepared for the attempt to taking extra swimming lessons. And they came in handy. After her first launch had fallen short, things were adjusted and plans changed and now everything was set up for a perfect blast off. Instead Mary was, once again, sent straight into the river. Then things got worse when the two men sent to fish her out of the water fell into the river as well and then they needed to be rescued. Still, we say bravo Mary! Better luck next time.