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A photograph showing a traditional BBC microphone used for radio and TV broadcasts
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BBC Broadcast first experimental TV programme

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Like Radio But With PicturesIf you are reading this right now on a computer or phone, then you’re probably not watching television - which is definitely what you would be doing if you weren’t reading this on a computer or phone. As they are the three things we do nowadays. But if you were watching television then you should be celebrating this day, when the medium took a great leap forward. On August 22nd 1932, the BBC broadcast its first experimental television programme from the basement of Broadcasting House.

The broadcast featured TV inventor John Logie Baird himself, who appeared to thank the Beeb for having a crack at this crazy new technology. Viewers (if there were any) were also treated to a performing sea-lion, some ju-jitsu and a painting demonstration. So pretty much everything that TV fans would go on to enjoy in the future.

Despite this frivolity, the BBC actually abandoned Baird’s system and adopted electronic television instead and introduced the world's first regular high-definition television service in 1936. And it’s been getting better and better ever since.