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OJ Simpson arrested after car chase

The Juice is Loose Today marks the occasion for one of the oddest moments in one of America’s most bizarre criminal justice proceedings. The trial of OJ Simpson had many peculiar twists and turns and his eventual acquittal was baffling to most observers. But before OJ had the chance of poorly trying on gloves or attempting to look innocent in the courtroom, he had led the police on one of the least exciting and heavily witnessed car chases in history.

After police had informed Simpson’s lawyers that their client was about to get arrested for murdering his wife, OJ hopped into his white Ford Bronco with old school pal Al Cowlings and criss-crossed a large part of the Los Angeles freeway system for reasons unknown. As police discovered his location and started to pursue him, news outlets across the globe started to transmit the car chase live, while citizens thronged the route, either cheering OJ on or just wondering what the heck he was up to. Eventually Simpson ended the chase in his own driveway, got arrested, was found not guilty, was then found guilty in a civil case and eventually went to jail for something else. Quite a ride.