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National Beer Day

Isn’t It Every Day? If ever a malty, delicious, foam-headed beverage didn’t need a special day to recognise its specialness, it’s beer. Let's face it, lagers, ales and porters get monumentally celebrated pretty much every day, especially by various young people in the country park near my house after the hours of darkness.

But despite its almost constant adulation by the citizens of the United Kingdom, today marks Beer Day, where booze lovers are encouraged to ‘spread the word’ about their favourite tipple and possibly visit a brewery. Supposedly, June 15th was chosen as it’s the date the Magna Carta was sealed. This vital national document happens to mention beer measurements as well as a few other things revolving around the idea of respecting the rights of the individual and negating the tyranny of kings. Though I don’t think we need to mention all that life-changing content when beer is included. Beer!

Two men who love beer are John and Jay the American Pickers. Here they are visiting two complete heroes who set up their own brewery.... Ah, imagine!

John and Jay, the American Pickers, visit a couple of brewers.