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South Park hits our screens for the first time

Respect Their Authori-tah!Cowabunga dudes! Oh wait, no, that’s the other one. Yes, today was the day that four young boys, Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny, were born and immediately didn’t age a single day more. On 13th August 1997, South Park premiered on Comedy Central. It began, as it meant to go on, with the tastefully titled ‘Cartman Gets an Anal Probe’ and never looked back (which is probably the best idea when you’re getting an anal probe).

After meeting at a University of Colorado film studies class in the early 1990s, likeminded souls Trey Parker and Matt Stone realised they shared a love of satire, fart jokes and construction paper animation. After painstakingly making the pilot by carefully rearranging tiny bits pf paper, they took the sensible route and started making the series using computers. Since then it has run for 19 seasons and nearly 300 episodes plus a movie which, unlike every other film based on a TV series, isn’t terrible.