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Rapper Biz Markie is born

Show Love For The Biz

Some people deem Christmas as their favourite celebratory day of the year. Others are fond of Easter while Pancake Day has its proponents. But for any aficionados of hip-hop or rapping-type music, April 8th is a day of exultant wonder. For it was on this day that the genius Marcel Theo Hall, AKA Biz Markie, was born. Known, by some, as the ‘clown prince of rap’ he’s most famous for his 1989 slice of joy called ‘Just a Friend’ which saw him rapping and warbling in fairly equal measure.

As well as his bumptious music career, Biz has appeared in Spongebob Squarepants, Men in Black and Sharknado 2. He is considered a trailblazer, a pioneer and a beatboxing legend and if that wasn’t enough, he recently performed Just a Friend as a duet with acting oddball Jeff Goldblum. And for that reason alone, he should be held to all of our collective bosoms and heralded as a true national treasure.