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It's Lighthouse Day

It’s Literally a House With a Light

If you like your structures long, thin, pointy and with a great big revolving light at the top, and really, really hate fog, then do I have a national day for you! Yes, today is Lighthouse Day, where we celebrate everything to do with these grand, illuminated buildings. The stairs. The boat avoidance. Erm… the salty lighthouse keepers. Everything! The first lighthouse was thought to have been Egypt's Pharos of Alexandria, built around the third century BC and using the power of FIRE to scare away ships.

But don’t worry. We weren’t too far behind. The oldest British lighthouse can still be seen in the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent and was built by those handy Romans around 183 AD. So, now armed with all these amazing facts, why not visit your nearest lighthouse and give it some love on its special day. Just don’t, you know, hug the lamp or anything. That might be quite dangerous.