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This Autumn HISTORY digs a little deeper into WW2 with World War True, featuring Madness frontman Suggs (pictured).

World War True: A Season of WW2 Shows

HISTORY uncovers the true stories of the Second World War in a brand new season, World War True.

The story of the Second World War has been told in great depth since 1945. We have learned about the conflict in schools, read about it in books and have watched it on the big screen, but are we missing something? The rise of Hitler, the invasion of Poland, the Blitz, D-Day, and Yalta, these are some of the key moments of the conflict that we know about, but what about the hidden true stories from those on the ground?

"It was here on the homefront where the battle really begun."

Suggs, WW2 Treasure Hunters

As Autumn approaches, HISTORY has decided to go on a mission to uncover some of these lesser-known true stories from WW2. Welcome to World War True, our brand new season that is digging up (quite literally) some classic WW2 tales that you need to know about. We've got some great names and iconic programmes joining us on our mission to find the unknown stories of WW2.

World War True launches with two brand new and exclusive UK premiere series, X Company (10/10), an emotionally-driven character drama set in the thrilling and dangerous world of Second World War espionage and WW2 Treasure Hunters (09/10) presented by Madness Frontman Suggs alongside amateur detectorist Stephen Taylor. We've tasked Suggs and Stephen to find some of the most interesting WW2 treasures still out there in the UK and we can't wait to see what they bring back.

World War True begins this Autumn on HISTORY.

Following the theme of espionage is two-part documentary Camp X which explores some real-life James Bonds... and no WW2 season would be complete without a few classic films including Downfall (2004), Das Boot (1981) and Boys from Brazil (1978), just some of the mouth-watering classics that make up World War True.

You can also get involved with World War True online with War Room, our six-hour Facebook live event on the 8th of October. With support from BBC archive and the Imperial War Museum we will be embarking on a brand new storytelling device which sees a mix of archive speeches and human testament combined with your stories to tell the human story of the war through audio.

And finally, look out for the 12 short films that will recount some of the personal stories of the Second World War. Each one is told by individuals for whom the conflict continues to have a very real impact on their lives. These are the stories you might hear from your neighbours , friends or family members.

Watch the trailer for X Company below...