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Terral Evans

Terral Evans stands 6'4" and weighs in at around 240 pounds. Terral is a swamper in every way a man who loves the area around Pearl River. While the other swampers are busy hunting gators, Terral is busy moving them.

Terral is a gator tagger working with Mississippi Fisheries and Wildlife to track and tag gators. If a gator is causing problems, everyone around knows to call Terral. He does his work at night, snatching gators barehanded, right out of the water.

Terral Evans is back to hunt in Louisiana this series. This time he’s got tags and a mission: to protect Honey Island from its overpopulation of killer gators. For years, Terral would relocate the nastiest gators to Honey Island, the most pristine and wild swamp in Louisiana. In the past few years, those tough gators have bred even nastier offspring and have started acting like they’ve got the run of the place. Now, it’s up to Terral to level it out.