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Albert Knight and Family

A true Renaissance man of the Louisiana swamp, Butch does a little bit of everything, from trapping alligators to building boats to welding.

To top it all off, he owns his own trucking company and can often be found at the helm of his 18-wheeler. The one thing he can't do is swim but that's never stopped him from hopping in his boat and zipping through the waters around beautiful Avoca Island, known for the enormous alligators that live there.

During hunting season, Butch teams up with his two sons, Kenwood and Anthony, and often brings a grandkid or two along for the ride. Butch is one of 14 siblings, and all but one live nearby, so there's never a shortage of family members around. The Knights are a close-knit bunch that loves a good prank, a cold beer and the unique experience of swamp living.