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Ricky Smith

Born and raised in Lampasas, Texas, Ricky is a good ol’ country boy who can out-fire any gunslinger at an auction. Ricky’s love of the game and knack for buying and selling treasures was discovered in his parents’ auction house when he was just 12 years old. He has been bidding on items since the age of 14, and now thrives specifically on storage auctions.

With his savvy and experience of nearly 40 years, Ricky has built a loyal following of customers from consignment store owners, to auction houses to high-class private buyers.

Ricky and his nephew Bubba have recently discovered a surge of new buyers at the storage auctions. This causes frustration and poses a threat to some degree on Ricky and Bubba’s business/livelihood. These rookie wannabe buyers don’t know what they are doing, according to Ricky, and he feels that “it’s only a matter of time before those tourists have wasted their money and moved on.”

This is what Ricky and Bubba do – they have been doing it for a long time, and they plan on doing it for even longer. Ricky has been the local Fire Chief at the volunteer Fire Department for 10 years and is extremely active within his community. Ricky is an expert at antique glass. He holds a sale only once a month with his nephew. It pays the bills and allows Ricky to give back to the community. Even though Ricky dislikes tourists at auctions, he exhibits Texas hospitality at all times. Ricky loves hunting, fishing, ranching, farming, and animals.