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Mary Padian

Mary Padian, the eccentric, free-spirited storeowner of Mary’s Finds, may surprise you. What she lacks in business savvy, she makes up for in vision and creativity. To say that Mary’s process is chaotic is an understatement; whether diving in dumpsters or digging through storage units, Mary has an eye for potential.

Mary has been a store owner for two years. She began her business venture with the mission of turning everyday trash into beautiful furnishings to sell to local interior designers. Originally with the help of her father, Mary has turned a propensity for picking through garbage into a fully realized business.

Mary began attending storage auctions at the invitation of Dr. Moe. Realizing a new source of raw materials, Mary continued the effort on her own time. Now this flighty fighter sits at a precipice overlooking a new business strategy that could bring her store to the next level.