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Marc Springer

A longtime salesman for Harley-Davidson, Marc entered the shipping business out of pure necessity. With nobody buying motorcycles in a bad economy, the husband and father of four was scrambling for an income when he stumbled across an online ad looking for someone to ship two Harleys across the country for $2,000. Marc used his experience with Harley-Davidson to win the bid and, as he says, 'the rest is history.'

With just over two years of shipping under his belt, Marc has already upgraded from an old pick-up to an entire 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig. He knows he has an edge on the competition and looks for nothing but the biggest, “baddest” loads he can find. When Marc is not hauling unusual items around the country, he spends his time working to take his race team, Snortn Boar Racing, to the Baja 1000.