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Christopher Hanna & Robbie Welsh

No stranger to life on the road and building machines, Chris started transporting back in 2008 with his first motorcycle shipment: a custom motorcycle he built. Realising what he could transport on his own, Chris jumped headfirst into the business and defied the meaning of 'rookie' as an independent transporter. UShip helped launch this entrepreneur's business and establish Chris as one of the industries most unique transporters. Robbie, a natural tomboy at heart, joined Chris's team about a year ago and quickly acclimated to life on the road. With her son Carter at home, Robbie has a lot to prove. Between helping book loads, map out routes, and repairing their truck, Chris's significant other has proved that the transportation life is more than just a road trip with her boyfriend.

Don't let their age fool you. Together this small town couple from South Carolina juggles parenthood, running a successful business, and taking care of their golden retriever, Gix, who is a permanent passenger on the road.