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Laurence Fishburne on Roots

Name a Laurance Fishburne film. You'll probably be thinking of The Matrix, Boyz n the Hood or perhaps King of New York, all iconic films in which Fishburne dominated the screen. His character of Morpheus, the peaceful zen-like figure beyond cynicism (or giving a damn), was arguably the icon of Generation X.

But even a star like Fishburne has had his career disappointments, even if they have been out of his control... "I didn't get a chance to audition for the first version of Roots, I remember having serious Roots envy." Well, now Fishburne has his chance playing Roots author Alex Huxley.

Fishburne's passion for the project is clear as he tells HISTORY, "This is a universal human story, and everyone will be able to take something from it and see and recognise some aspect of their own humanity or family from this."

Watch the full interview below.