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Rooster & Butch: Episodes

Episode 1 - Brothers in Arms

An entrepreneur pitches a laser tag equipment company that he says is revolutionizing immersive gaming and live action entertainment. Butch and Rooster put his claims to the test in front of true war heroes to see if he can gain their respect and endorsement.

Episode 2 - A Fistful of Sweat

Butch and Rooster square off between sweaty palms and nasal congestion in a pharmaceutical cage match to see which product they think can survive in an industry powered by Big Pharma.

Episode 3 - A Blind Man's Bluff

Butch and Rooster bring down an old acquaintance with a product aimed at improving the lives of the blind and visually impaired. Already liking the guy and his mission gives them a head start but they have to walk a mile in a blind guy's shoes before they can reach a verdict on the business.

Episode 4 - To The Outer Realm

Butch and Rooster invite a mother daughter duo with a live social networking app to join them on Gil's Adios Amigos Tour where they think their app could be a valuable asset. When things continuously don't go as planned Butch and Rooster learn how these two scrappy entrepreneurs handle curveballs.

Episode 5 - Last Sauce Standing

Gil brings down a paranormal investigator with a ghost detecting device he thinks could be the next Ouija board. Butch and Rooster are non-believers until the search for the outer realm takes them down a path no one was expecting.

Episode 6 - The Big Little Lie

Butch and Rooster abandon the answering machine to take a look at a product they both love; BBQ sauce. Rooster hand picks his top four BBQ contenders to battle it out for an investment of up to one million dollars.

Episode 7 - The Big Little Lie

A single mom on a mission to make the world a safer place pitches a dash cam device packed with features that monitor driver activity in real time. Butch sets her up at his pipe yard to monitor his employees' efficiency and safety but what she reveals is an unexpected trail of deceit.

Episode 8 - Ride The Bull

Rooster is tired of his son Miller asking for an iPhone so he brings down a husband and wife duo with a smartphone for kids. Butch and Rooster invite the experts, their wives, to help test the product and the couple in a series of rip-roaring date nights

Episode 9 - The Assassination Of The Old Man Kid

Butch and Rooster get a call from a live action role playing enthusiast from Denmark. Butch and Rooster invite the Dane to their turf to see if he can show them an experience they'll never forget and prove there's a bonafide business to back it up.

Episode 10 - Of Cowboys and Poets

Butch and Rooster get a call from a motivational speaker who started a life coaching business while living in a treehouse. Butch is skeptical life coaching can make money but Rooster's tired of giving positivity away for free and wants to see how it's done.