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Baruch "Roy" Peretz

Roy “the Boss” Peretz is the “shrewd, smooth” business owner of the Cash Inn. He talks-talk and is a slick negotiator who usually gets the price he is after. Roy (51) studied to become a chemical engineer, and successfully ran his own chemical factory. Then the day arrived when he decided to leave all this behind him to start out in the pawn industry in 1999.

Roy certainly enjoys the ‘finer’ things in life and, from Cartier to Rolex, there’s no fake that will escape his appreciative eye. Roy has a passion for living and as a member of the Riviera Aquatic Club regularly visits the Vaal River for water sports with his family. His love of the water extends to him being an active environmentalist. Roy very quickly puts people at ease, particularly the ladies, with his beguiling catch phrase, “O Baby”, but underneath that smooth exterior beats a genuine heart and he really looks out for his team.