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Jack Osbourne Interview

It’s been 14 years since we first got to know the Osbourne family on MTV’s The Osbournes and now rock legend Ozzy and son Jack are back for HISTORY’s Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour.

On this show they take the international father-son road trip they’ve always dreamed of. We caught up with Jack to find out what it was like to tour the world with his dad for ten weeks straight.

“I think the whole thing has kind of brought us together as on The Osbournes we were just filming living together where as on this we got can’t really put a price on being thirty-years-old and getting to spend ten weeks on a road trip with your dad - it was really kind of awesome,” Jack says.

Although they got to visit some of the world’s most famous landmarks Jack says it was actually the more obscure and weird places that were the most entertaining.

“The were a couple of places I thought would suck and ended up having an amazing time like when we went to Rapid City, North Dakota. It had great restaurants and a bit of a hipster Shoreditch vibe – you just wouldn’t think a place like that would exist in North Dakota.”

He and Ozzy also had an interesting encounter with a “megadong” at The Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

“At this museum in Philadelphia, museum of medical abnormalities, they have all these weird things in glass cases like a megadong – this giant preserved animal’s penis and they don’t even know what animal it is from.”

Of course spending so much time together they got annoyed at one another.

“It came down to little things like he (Ozzy) would always fart in the car and could be really loud. I was probably too hard at him at times but he could be really annoying.”

Overall though, Jack says that Ozzy was a “good sport” especially considering he’s used to travelling in luxury and by private jet.

As to why you should tune in to Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour he says, “The show has lots of different elements, it’s got a bit of Osbournes nostalgia associated with it, it is funny and you learn things. You will laugh, take things away and it will remind of you the shows you used to watch when you were younger.”