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Miles Knapp

Role at Milwaukee Blacksmith: The Brains/Detail & Finishing Work/Salesman Extraordinaire

Role in the Knapp Family: Oldest Son, The Mentor

At one time, Miles never thought he would work in the shop. Taking a line cook position in high school, he would complain to his mom when she “forced” him to work for his dad to cover his share of the cell phone bill. Today, Miles wears many hats at Milwaukee Blacksmith—from work in the shop to sales and operations. Whenever he has free time in the shop, he’s brainstorming new things that they can make and sell. Outside of the shop, Miles has become an expert in the sale of small­-scale items. At craft and street fairs, Milwaukee Blacksmith offers their stock and uses the opportunity to meet more of their community and spread the word about their business. Recently, Miles has started to learn the business side of things like handling the finances, online store management and shipping. Shannon hopes that as Miles gets more involved she can start to pass on more of the managerial aspects to him.