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Birdie Knapp

Role at Milwaukee Blacksmith: Lead Apprentice

Role in the Knapp Family: Middle Son, The Inventor

Though he is the middle son of the Knapp boys, Birdie paved the way as the first of the Knapp kids to apprentice in his father’s shop. One day Shannon heard Kent yelling, “Get the camera! Birdie is welding!” As she closed her eyes and pointed the camera she reminded them both that the boy was nine! Needless to say, he had a knack for it and the family aspect of Milwaukee Blacksmith was born.

These days, if it has a motor in it, Birdie will make it go faster. Various items that disappear from the Knapp household can be found in his corner of the shop getting a tune-­up. He even ramped up the engine in their lawnmower so that he could cut the grass more efficiently. Birdie has a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together.

Of all the Knapp kids, Birdie spends the most time working in the shop with Kent. As the lead apprentice at Milwaukee Blacksmith, he knows more about working with iron than any of his siblings—even his older brother, Miles. Working so closely with his father can both strengthen their father-­son bond and put a wedge in it. Though working with his father can be stressful sometimes, Birdie has the utmost respect for his father. They share a love of music as well. Just like Kent, Birdie can find his way around almost any instrument and sharing the stage with his dad is a great time for them both.