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Lisa Kelly's Top 10 Trucking Moments

1. Lisa made her Ice Road Truckers debut in season three, racing against the clock to get a load of construction equipment to Deadhorse within a day. With her final stretch a race across the frozen Arctic Ocean, Lisa made it and established her position as an ice road trucker to watch.

2. Later in season three Lisa took on an extra-long challenge – a set of 80 foot pipes intended for delivery to an oil rig. It took extra care and precision to navigate the road’s twists and turns with the super-sized trailer, but Lisa managed to get her heavy haul to their destination.

3. This was one of Lisa’s first close calls on the show. Driving through Atigun Pass, Lisa pulled over into a narrow gap at the roadside to let two careering northbound trucks skid their way past her. Just avoiding the road’s edge, Lisa had to then manoeuvre her way up a steep hillside to get to Carlille yard.

4. Lisa added to her haul in one season three episode, helping out a stranded airline passenger. Even though on her return journey Lisa ended up stuck in an out of radio range area and with nauseating fumes entering her cabin, she endured the experience with some help from passing truckers and made it to Fairbanks.

5. In one of season four’s most dramatic incidents, Lisa made a rapid turn to avoid an oncoming plow truck and ended up sliding into a ditch. Even though both she and the truck emerged from the experience unharmed, it was a tense moment before she found out that her trucking record would go unmarked.

6. In the extra-long season five premiere, Lisa showed her leadership skills as she takes the front of a convoy of heavy haulers including veteran Carey Hall. Lisa even had to help Carey get up a difficult slope.

7. One of Lisa’s most dangerous moments came when she had to use a special rear dolly to transport some massive 100 foot piping. During her trip, the dolly moved out of alignment. With the dolly swinging precariously every time she took a corner, Lisa had to get help in Coldfoot to fix the problem. After making some temporary repairs, she finally made it to Prudhoe the next day.

8. Later in season five Lisa set herself a new record: carrying a 16 feet wide steel building frame from Fairbanks to Prudhoe, this was the widest of her trucking career. Working with a team of pilot cars and fellow trucker Tony, Lisa took the lead for the run’s final stretch, navigated some tight road situations and made it successfully to their destination on time and intact.

9. Towards the start of season seven Lisa was given the challenge of driving the new Oxford House road with a grader. With the grader blade swinging wildly behind her truck, Lisa had to navigate a tight bridge and a dangerous skid down a hill, using all her skills as a driver to make it safely to her destination.

10. One of Lisa’s tensest moments came when she was hauling her heaviest load of the season, a rock truck, across a frozen lake. With the sound of the ice shifting beneath her, Lisa made the Utik lake crossing in the pitch black of the night to get her delivery there on time.