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The hunt continues.

Did Hitler escape his bunker in Berlin?

Unless you’ve been hiding in South America for the last few years you’ll know that Hunting Hitler dares to ask a question most of us don’t want to consider: did Adolf Hitler survive World War Two?

This question is a difficult one to consider, the implications are monumental. How could the Allies have let this megalomaniac mass murderer evade justice? How did he get there? And who knew? Now in its third series, the investigation continues to look for the answers.

The journey sees the team head across the world, first to Hitler’s home in Berchtesgaden, Germany where a complex network of bunkers and tunnels is found. Known as the Eagle’s Nest, it was here where Hitler spent most of his time during World War Two. Could it hold the clues to a possible escape?

One thing beyond dispute is that lead investigator Bob Baer will throw everything at the case. “I decided to do this investigation because the United States Government, the British Government, and Joseph Stalin believed there was a good chance that Hitler got away,” the former CIA man says.

So far, Baer and his team have proved that Hitler could have escaped his bunker and fled undetected to South America on a U-boat. In series three, the team are looking to make new ground through, “tracking Hitler as if he were a high-value terrorist like Osama Bin Laden.” The team will still rely on declassified documents but through ground-level tracking, the investigation has now widened to reveal new leads about the 4th Reich.

With eyewitness accounts of Hitler outside of Berlin at the end of the war, a secret Nazi island off the coast of Chile and an escape plan to Greenland, this series promises to be as revelatory as the last two.

Baer strengthens his team this series with the addition of former terrorist targeting officer Nada Bakos. Having worked on the capture of Zarqawi she brings a wealth of knowledge that can help the investigation make new ground.

On the next chapter, Baer says, “We’re looking to put together the final pieces of the puzzle, what we have to do is keep looking.”