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Meet Alec Steele in Forged in Britain

Bored of the 9-to-5? The commute to work? The computer screen that lights up your face? Then don't miss Forged in Britain, the brand-new series that sheds light on an alternative way of life, a life before technology.

"You can't be a bladesmith or a blacksmith without getting burnt"

Alec Steele

In this series of shorts, HISTORY meets five of Britain's leading forgers each who have their own unique approach to this ancient craft. In each episode, the forgers demonstrate how they create new blades and share their knowledge on the item they have made. You can watch the series on Thursdays on HISTORY during Forged in Fire at 9pm and online after. Below is episode one featuring 19-year-old bladesmith and YouTube star Alec Steele.

Alec Steele | Forged In Britain | History

Alec Steele, is a professional blacksmith considered the ‘whizkid’ of the community. Describing himself as a blacksmith, teacher and YouTuber, Alec forges his weapons with a big hammer and really ‘moves his metal’ around as he is doing it. The 19-year-old lives in Norwich and has his own YouTube channel uploading a blacksmith blog nearly every day to more than 30,000 subscribers. Alec became fascinated with the industry aged 11 when he saw a demonstration at the local forge – the fire, big tools and practicality really appealed to him. Now he specialises in making custom-forged hammers. The teen has seen Forged In Fire and loves it – he is grateful for the popularity the show has brought to the community as a whole.

Alec Steele, History, Forged in Britain

Alec Steele, the 19-year-old 'whizkid'.

Other forgers featured in the series include, Rod Hughes, Josh Burrel, Owen Bush and Grace Horne.