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DJ Nihal Arthanayakein Forged In Britain

After taking part in Forged In Britain, DJ Nihal should probably consider changing his name to MC Hammer. We took Radio 5 Live and BBC Asian network DJ, Nihal Arthanayake on a blacksmithing master class with Loughborough-based blacksmith Josh Burrell. Josh runs Exile Ironworks with his Dad and specialises in woodworking axes and other traditional British edged tools.

Though it was the first time he stepped foot in the forge, Nihal got to work on one of the most iconic weapons for any HISTORY fan, a Viking axe...well a Scandinavian carpenter's axe to be precise. Though we're sure Ragnar might have used one to do some DIY.

As a Forged In Fire superfan, Nihal was truly glowing to take part: 'Forged in Fire is a fantastic show I found on HISTORY. When I was asked if I wanted to go to Loughborough and have a go at forging with Josh I knew I had to take HISTORY up on the offer. It’s going to make a change from the DJ booth, that’s for sure. '

DJ Nihal on Forged In Britain

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