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Buried: Episodes

Episode 1: Holy City, Holy Grail

A new investigation into the true fate of the Knights Templar is launched. Did the order really fall in 1307? Or did the powerful Knights continue on in secret like some evidence suggests? The team begins their investigation in the holy city of Jerusalem, the epicentre of the Templar's power. They explore tunnels and a Templar safe house that could have been used to get sacred holy relics to safety during the fall of the city.

Episode 2: Last Stand in the Holy Land

The investigation into the Knights Templar and whether the order continued on in secret well beyond their official end in 1307 takes the team to the ancient city of Acre, where one of the largest tunnel complexes in the world was built centuries ago. New technology reveals a mysterious hidden room and then the trail of evidence leads the team to the island of cypress where a covert Templar mission may have touched down.

Surviving the End

Armed with insight into two centuries of Templar survival strategies and battle tactics, the team turns their attention to the Templars moment of reckoning: the fall of the order in 1307. They find evidence of a Templar smuggling operation to save their treasure and relics before the fateful day of Friday the 13th, when knights all over France were arrested. Coded Templar symbols lead the team to a mysterious monastery in Spain that may hold clues to the knights' ultimate survival as a secret organization.

Land of Secrets

Seven years after the alleged end of the Templars, signs the knights were rising again appear in Portugal. The team investigates a shadowy plan to restart the Templars under a new alias and investigates their tactics as these "Templars 2.0" quietly consolidate power and lay plans to expand around the world.