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Charles is co-owner of The Bomb Factory. His love for classic cars has been in his blood since a young age. In fact, he even claims his first word was “wheel.” After relocating to Louisiana from his hometown in Tennessee to receive a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology, Charles fell in love with the Big Easy lifestyle and decided New Orleans was his kind of town.

Not long after, Charles became another kind of doctor—transforming old antique automobiles back to their former glory and beyond. He continued his passion for rockin’ hot rods with his buddy Trey and the two spent all their spare time fixing up cars. Before they knew it, their hobby exploded into a full-time business.

With his inventive imagination and pension for problem solving, Charles loves a good challenge. He often says his favorite part of the restoration process is not just using his creativity in the design process, but the satisfaction of hunting down the most obscure parts. Charles is always finding ways to bring classic street machines to The Bomb Factory, and in turn, bring in a little more cash.