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Attila (played by Emil Hostina)

Huns are dark-haired, their cheeks ritually scarred from childhood. They fight, eat, negotiate and even sleep on horseback.

Tribe: The Huns

Region: Central Asia

The Huns were a nomadic tribe, who burst out of the Asian steppes and wreaked havoc wherever they attacked. Driven by a desire for plunder, the Huns struck fear into their enemies with violent lightning raids on unsuspecting villages. Expert horsemen and archers, they were deadly accurate with a bow and arrow at any speed.

Attila is thought to have been born around 406 A.D.. In 434, when he was about 30 years old, he and his brother Bleda succeeded to the Hunnic lordship after the death of their uncle. Despite the lust for plundering riches, the record reflects that Attila’s tastes were modest. He was not interested in the luxuries of Roman life. He ate meat on a wooden plate. His cup was wooden, while guests had silver goblets. His dress was simple, but clean. Observers noted that he was not easily entertained.