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Rick Dale

Rick Dale is an expert restorer of classic objects and artefacts with nearly 30 years in the business and his own shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rick's Restorations. Rick has built his career on an unbridled passion and unique skill for transforming the rustiest and most beat-up items into like-new products that can fetch a big price tag.

He doesn't shy away from a challenge and has worked on items as varied as a beaten-down 1940’s gas pump, a rusted-out 1950’s soda machine and a classic jukebox with a complex mechanical design, upping the value by restoring them to mint working condition.

Rick isn't just an exceptional craftsman--he is also a businessman who must manage the big personalities of his employees, many of whom are his own family members. At the age of 9, Rick took on his first restoration project, revitalising a beat-up bicycle that was a gift from his father. He hasn't looked back since.