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Why Does Everyone Hate the English : Episodes

Episode 1 - France

Al arrives in Paris where he’s due to meet Antoine at the Eiffel Tower. Petty brawling has been the typical form of Anglo-French discourse over the last thousand years, so he wonders whether he will find Entente Cordiale on his journey with Antoine, or just another punch-up.

Episode 2 - Wales

Al begins his journey around north-west Wales by showing comedian Elis James his vision of the country. He drives Elis to a rural retreat where the Penrhyn Male Voice Choir performs a rousing anthem, 'The Two Patriots', while a flock of sheep gambols past and children play rugby. Elis complains that it’s a good attempt to wind him up, given he is on the record as being rugby-phobic.

Episode 3 - Ireland

As Al drives to meet comedian Andrew Maxwell at Howth quayside, he muses that Ireland could be his trickiest journey yet. He’s aware that Anglo-Irish relations have been shocking down the centuries, and anticipates that the activities of England’s seventeenth century dictator and 'Lord Protector' Oliver Cromwell will feature prominently in this trip.

Episode 4 - Scotland

When Al picks up Fred MacAulay in Glasgow, the Scotsman is astonished to see that Al has made it there with all four tyres still intact on his Land Rover! They will spend three days taking in sites of discord between the English and the Scottish, following the River Clyde from Glasgow to Stirling.

Episode 5 - Germany

Knowing how difficult it is to impress the Germans, Al wants to make a rousing entry by parachuting in to meet comedian Henning Wehn on the landing strip at Hamburg. His effort pays off when Henning claims to be "well impressed", but he doesn’t realise that Henning has already confided to our crew that Al's a right wally and should have just flown in like any normal traveller!