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Sarah Cruddas pictured holding 'Look Up' and 'The Space Race'

Win a copy of 'Look Up: Our story with the stars' a new book by Sarah Cruddas

Sarah Cruddas, co-star of Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies is an award-winning space journalist, astrophysicist and published author. Her new book, Look Up: Our story with the stars, is an inspirational and enlightening introduction to the importance of space to everyone.

We're giving one lucky viewer the chance to win Look Up: Our story with the stars along with a copy of children's space handbook, The Space Race: The journey to the moon and beyond. To enter our prize draw click on the link below:

About 'Look Up': Most of us have never been to space. To date, of the more than 100 billion humans that have ever existed, fewer than 600 humans have ever left Earth. But the exploration of space is the most significant thing we will ever do as a species.

In Look Up Sarah explains why she has always been a passionate advocate for why space should matter – to everyone. From our ancestors who first painted patterns of the stars in caves, to the US and Soviet pioneers who first forged a path beyond our planet, Sarah Cruddas explores the stories and sacrifices that humankind has made to understand more about our place in the universe.

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