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Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified: Episodes

Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified will show how, despite repeated denials, the significance of UFO sightings has been analysed and discussed at the highest level of government in the UK, the United States and the former Soviet Union since the end of World War II.

With interest in UFO phenomena on the rise in recent years, this series provides new insight into the UFO monitoring programmes the world’s leading governments have sought to hide and shocking facts about the real extent of reported extra-terrestrial contacts.

01. Project Blue Book Unknown - Tuesday 19 January 8pm

During the Cold War Project Blue Book came into being – aimed at gathering and analysing UFO observations. To this day, many cases still raise unanswered questions.

02. The White House Cover Up - Tuesday 26 January 8pm

What’s the truth of the organisation known as the MJ-12, an alleged secret committee of elite experts rumoured to have included an American President? Was its establishment related to the mysterious events over Roswell and could it still be active today?

03. Code Name Aurora - Tuesday 2 February 8pm

Phillip J. Corso claims that the US army possesses at least one crashed extra-terrestrial craft, what secrets are to be found behind the veil of the mysterious Project Aurora?

04. Hacked and Leaked - Tuesday 9 February 8pm

This episode follows the stories of American UFO witnesses Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon, former musician Tom Delonge and John Podesta.

05. Secret Soviet UFO Research - Tuesday 16 February 8pm

The Petrozavodsk incident of 1977 was the key moment which determined the official Soviet response to the UFO phenomenon. The sighting of unknown objects in the skies above the Russian city led to the creation of two special boards: scientific and military. In 1987, a military helicopter pursues an unknown object which fits the description of the “TIC-TAC” UFO.

06. After Disclosure - Tuesday 23 February 8pm

What do we know about the intentions of UFOs? Answers might be found in an incident that took place in the African city of Ruwa, where an unknown vehicle landed on the property of a school and whose crew members communicated telepathically with the local children.