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Corjan Mol

'The Curse of Oak Island's' Corjan Mol answers your fan questions.

A key member of the 'Fellowship of the Dig', Corjan answers your questions about the show.

Corjan Mol is a Dutch historical researcher and a recurring cast member on The Curse of Oak Island. With his interest in the Middle Ages and Renaissance France, Corjan's research has focussed on exploring the link between Oak Island and the mysterious chivalric order of the Knights Templar. Corjan has just published a new book, The Jerusalem Files about his research into the mysterious Jewish Menorah, and the treasure's journey from the Jerusalem of the Knights Templar through France, Portugal and North America.

Corjan recently visited Sky HISTORY's HQ where we asked him to answer questions submitted by 'The Curse of Oak Island's' biggest fans. From the Oak Island-Templar connection to his biggest inspiration, check out what Corjan had to say.

1. Do you believe that any living organisation (Freemasons, or The Knight Templar for instance) know the secrets of Oak Island, handed down through the centuries?

If they exist, they haven't called us yet, unfortunately. During my research, I became convinced that certain groups in and around the French and English royal families and later the Founding Fathers of the United States, knew that something was hidden on Oak Island that had arrived there from Europe. It appears that some of this knowledge percolated into freemasonry at some stage but not the other way around.

2. Can you tell us more about how your own fascination about history began? Who or what inspired you the most?

It’s because of my dad. My dad worked as a teacher which in The Netherlands means you have 6 weeks of summer holiday of which we would spend every second in a castle, a museum or a church. I got the bug very early on in my life and it’s become some sort of a pet I guess.

3. If you could ask one person in history one question, what would it be and who would you ask?

Could you make a few photos for me…. Lemme think, I guess I would love to ask Daniel McGinnis, what ex-act-ly happened on Oak Island during his lifetime, that would be a start.

4. Do you think you will ever find the treasure?

I do. I really want to know what happened on Oak Island so I will research until I find or until I know. There’s no point if you settle for anything less.

5. What do you think will happen if/when they ever find treasure on Oak Island? Obviously, it depends on what the treasure is, but would it be sold off or kept intact in Nova Scotia? Or would UNESCO get involved?

I know what will happen. The Oak Island Treasure act will be invoked. In December 2010, a special law was passed in Nova Scotia that regulates the treasure hunt on Oak Island and gives the owners a license to proceed the search for treasure on certain conditions with regards to ownership, royalties etc. If something is found it must be reported and offered for inspection to the government.

6. Do you think that the Knights Templars had a hand in building the tunnels?

I do think that if there are tunnels on Oak Island, dug by original depositors, they came from Europe. I also think they might be deeper than we think now, certain groups tunneled in rock, in bedrock which gives the most stable results. The Knights Templar knew well how to do this. At this stage I think it is possible they tunneled on Oak Island.

7. Is there a Dutch connection with Oak Island?

You’re looking at it… sorry bad joke… There might well be and we will show you towards the end of this season.

8. Who do you like more, Rick or Marty?

Rick and Marty are incomparably different and exactly the same. Love ‘m both to bits.

9. Are there any theories that have been left unexplored and why?

Without a doubt. We try to investigate everything we are presented with as well as we can. The more conceivable, the better, we try to skip the UFO’s. In Rick's words, it helps if a theory provides possible answers to the who, what, when and how because then we can form an opinion about it. I think we haven't paid enough attention to the Normans so far. They’re the only European group that we are 100% sure were somewhere in the area in the year 1021, namely l'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland.