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Russell Kane

Russell Kane to appear in a new Sky HISTORY Show based on his hit podcast 'Evil Genius'

Russell Kane

Following the incredible success of the hit BBC Sounds podcast, award-winning comedian Russell Kane will front the TV-inspired format. In each episode, Russell, alongside celebrity guests, expert witnesses, and historians, will interrogate the reputation of a famous face from history in order to determine whether they’re sinned against or a sinner. By the end of each episode, Russell will call upon his panel of celebrities to cast a vote and settle, once and for all, the burning question: Evil or Genius?

Russell will be delving into the archives and speaking to historical experts to bring to life his unique style of performative television. Weighing up the deeds of each figure and presenting a series of ‘truth bombs’ that will cause you to question everything you thought you knew. Russell and his panel of celebrity guests will then offer their opinions as to what they think is evil and what qualifies as a genius. During the series, Russell will examine the lives of Winston Churchill, Coco Chanel, Pablo Escobar, Richard Nixon, and Albert Einstein. 

Russell Kane said: 'I’ve never been so excited to take people I admire, then cover them in dirty truths.'