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Alice Roberts in Royal Autopsy

Royal Autopsy S2: Sneak Peek

Returning on Tuesday 2nd April, here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Royal Autopsy season 2 through exclusive pictures from the show

In Royal Autopsy, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr. Brett Lockyer uncover the secrets and explore the theories regarding the causes behind the deaths of monarchs from centuries past.

Through state-of-the-art reconstruction based on contemporaneous medical records, Royal Autopsy presents a unique investigation into the cause of death of Britain’s most famous and historically significant monarchs.

In each episode, anatomist and biological anthropologist, Professor Alice Roberts and Home Office Pathologist, Dr. Brett Lockyer, conduct autopsy simulations on each of the monarchs using a blend of prosthetic bodies, actors, toxicology testing and forensic analysis.

Returning on Tuesday 2nd April, here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming series that will investigate the cause of death of four more British Monarchs: King George IV, Mary Tudor, King Henry IV and Queen Anne.

Lives of the rich and famous

George iV
George IV ' The Party King'

Dramatic reconstructions depict how the four monarchs lived, giving us vital clues to understand their lifestyles. In this image, George IV, routinely viewed as one of Britain’s most ‘contemptible’ kings indulges in his twin passions: drinking and eating. Could the cause of George’s death, aged 67, lie in his excessive approach to life? The only way to find out is to get him on the slab.

Lesser known monarchs

Henry IV
Henry IV 'The Usurper'

While many of us learned about Henry VIII and Queen Victoria in school, we may not be so familiar with monarchs from early English history. Royal Autopsy Season 2, examines the life and death of Henry IV 'The Usurper'. For those not familiar with Shakespeare’s history plays, Henry was the founder of the House of Lancaster who spent the early part of his reign fighting to keep control of his lands. But how did he die? Alice and Brett, scalpels poised, are ready to show you how.

State of the art reconstruction

Professor Alice Roberts and  Dr. Brett Lockyer
The body in the image is a reconstruction of an autopsy using prosthetics/an actor and is not a real cadaver.

In each episode, Alice and Brett conduct autopsy simulations on prosthetic bodies. Using a blend of prosthetic bodies, actors, toxicology testing and forensic analysis, Alice and Brett search for clues about what might have caused their deaths. Their findings, together with Professor Roberts’ interpretation of historical eyewitness accounts, shed startling new light on their final days.  Beware it’s not for the faint of heart.

What caused Queen Anne's various ail

Queen Anne
Queen Anne

Famously Queen Anne was pregnant 17 times but sadly she lost all her children, some to miscarriage while others died in infancy or were stillborn. Her only surviving son, the Duke of Gloucester, died at age 11. Being pregnant, so many times must have put immense physical strain on the last monarch of the Stuart dynasty. She suffered from gout and became morbidly obese. What will Alice and Brett discover about the underlying causes of Queen Anne's ill-health? Find out in episode 4.