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Kevin Hoagland and Chris Hegg stood in the desert in front of a red truck

Lost Gold of the Aztecs: Episode Guide

Kevin Hoagland (left) and Chris Hegg (right) are on the hunt for Emperor Montezuma's hidden treasure.

Lost Gold of the Aztecs follows three families, the Dillmans, Hoaglands, and Villescas, on an epic adventure to break the 500-year-old curse of Emperor Montezuma and find hidden treasure. According to legend, Montezuma hid an abundance of gold bars, silver, precious stones, jewellery, and other Aztec artefacts in various locations around Southwest America.

The brand-new series will intercut each family’s epic adventure as they search for the Seven Cities of Gold, journeying through multiple states to explore three different properties – the Dillmans in Utah, the Hoaglands in Nevada, and the Villescases in New Mexico.

The show will get its UK premiere as part of Sky HISTORY's Summer of Secrets on Monday, 18th July at 9pm.

Episode One - Monday, 18th July

Legend has it that 500 years ago a vast fortune in gold was hidden by the Aztecs somewhere in the American Southwest. Three families are closing in on what they believe is the location of the treasure.

Episode Two - Monday, 25th July

The Dillmans continue their grandfather's 56-year search by completing an underwater dye test at Shadow Cave. In Nevada, the miners bring in a Cave ROV to explore past the collapsed mine. The Villescas make a discovery that could be a clue from an old treasure hunter.

Episode Three - Monday, 1st August

The hunt heats up when the miners use a smoke gun to find another entrance to the tunnels. The Villescas family uses crossbow ingenuity to find their way into a mine. The Dillman family breaks out the excavator to dig up the marsh, which may have previously revealed an ancient artefact.

Episode Four - Monday, 8th August

The Dillmans seek answers in the Weeping Cave, looking underwater for evidence of the Aztecs. The Villescas build a shaker box to help sift through material at a faster pace in the hunt for signs of the Spanish. The miners in Nevada bring in an expert to look at an unusual discovery.

Episode Five - Monday, 15th August

The Villescas family talk with an expert about whether a spur they found could be linked to the Conquistadors. The Dillmans use drones to locate an important ancient symbol they think could be a map. Whilst in Nevada, the miners' search is sidetracked due to a potential grave site.

Episode Six - Monday, 22nd August

The Villescas family risks everything by bringing in more heavy machinery and a full crew for one final push to find Conquistador gold. In Nevada, an investigation is launched by the Sheriff’s Department into a grave located on the miners’ treasure site, throwing their research into jeopardy.

Episode Seven - Monday, 29th August

A hopeful Dillman family drills into what they believe could be the hidden treasure chamber that their late grandfather predicted. After a close encounter, the gold miners in Nevada must find another way into the rest of the underground tunnel system.

Episode Eight - Monday, 5th September

In Utah, the Dillmans must be careful not to trigger an Aztec water trap while digging deep into the cave chamber. After finding a man-made vault, the Villescas family discovers there are more secrets buried beneath the Fire Pits.