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Sex: A Bonkers History

How to watch 'Sex: A Bonkers History', hosted by Amanda Holden

Image: Sex: A Bonkers History

Sex: A Bonkers History follows Amanda Holden and historian Dan Jones as they explore how sexual behaviours through the ages have shaped civilisations in ways we are just beginning to discover.

The pair look at how attitudes towards sex and sexuality have evolved throughout the ages, from the origination of the first contraceptive in Ancient Egypt, all the way through to the swinging phenomenon in 1970s suburban Britain.

Along the way they stop off to discover how the Tudor sexual appetites changed the course of British history forever and delve into Georgian Britain to find that its prim and proper façade couldn’t be further from the truth. Finally, Amanda and Dan will also reveal how the Victorian era was secretly one of the most progressive in the world.

To help tell the salacious stories, Amanda and Dan met with several experts in the history of sex, including sex historian Dr. Kate Lister and author Anne O Nomis. They also speak to the late executive chair of Anne Summers, Jacqueline Gold CBE, in what was her very last television interview.

Dan Jones said: ‘Sex is the one thing we can be certain human beings have done throughout the whole of history. It’s a fascinating way to take a romp through the millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians to swingers in the 1970s, and up to the wonders of the digital age we live in today.

‘Amanda is a dream host – she’s a great laugh, who’s always ready with a penetrating question and a fresh take on the past. Meanwhile, I’ve had a blast throwing myself into some pretty weird and wild situations – all in the name of research. It’s the best historical fun I’ve had with (most of) my clothes on.’

This is the history that you were never taught at school. Expect saucy surprises and forget what you thought you knew, as Amanda and Dan throw themselves into immersive history and bring us some unique and intriguing insights.

When is Sex: A Bonkers History airing in the UK?

Sex: A Bonkers History premieres on Monday, 18 September at 9 pm, only on Sky HISTORY. New episodes will be released weekly at the same time.

Sky HISTORY is available on Sky 123, Sky Glass / Stream 115 and Virgin Media 131.