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What does Oak Island have to do with the Viking Runestone? - Secrets of the Viking Stone


New theories suggest that the Knights Templar might be involved with the Kensington Runestone. The Kensington Runestone was supposedly discovered in Kensington, which is in central Minnesota all the way back in 1898. A Swedish immigrant, Olof Öhman, reported that he accidentally unearthed it from a field underneath a tree in the mostly rural township of Solem in Douglas County. Olof Öhman declared that he found the Kensington Runestone late in 1898 as he was clearing a plot of land he had recently purchased. He was pulling up trees and stumps before plowing. The Kensington Runestone was said to be near the top of a small knoll that rose up above the wetlands. The Kensington Runestone was supposedly found flat, face down, and completely tangled up in the root of a poplar tree.