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The Biggest Viking Mystery: The Kensington Runestone - Secrets of the Viking Stone

The Kensington Runestone

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Peter Stormare and Elroy Balgaard try to solve the mystery of a runestone in Kensington, USA, whose authenticity has been questioned since it was found by a Swedish immigrant over 100 years ago. The Kensington Runestone was supposedly discovered in Kensington, which is in central Minnesota all the way back in 1898. A Swedish immigrant, Olof Öhman, reported that he accidentally unearthed it from a field underneath a tree in the mostly rural township of Solem in Douglas County. Olof Öhman declared that he found the Kensington Runestone late in 1898 as he was clearing a plot of land he had recently purchased. He was pulling up trees and stumps before plowing. The Kensington Runestone was said to be near the top of a small knoll that rose up above the wetlands. The Kensington Runestone was supposedly found flat, face down, and completely tangled up in the root of a poplar tree.