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On this day:

Geri quits Spice Girls

She Told Them What She Wants, What She Really Really Wants.

Then Quit. Nothing has ever been the same ever since. I can picture it now. A lawyer stepped out onto a stage in front of the world’s press and stated, ‘sadly I would like to confirm that I have left the Spice Girls. This is because of differences between us’.

At first I was confused as I didn’t remember this lawyer ever being a member of The Spice Girls. But then I realised he was referring to Geri. Ginger had gone. She was no longer a Spice.It was on this tragic day in 1998 that Miss Halliwell hung up her Union Jack one-piece and left Sporty, Scary, Baby and Posh in the dust. The others carried on for a bit then called it a day in 2001. And then all got back together again in 2007. And then stopped again. Then they sort of got together again when the musical Viva Forever came out, but we probably shouldn’t mention that.