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Mischief Night

Teenagers Make Everything Terrible

You know Halloween, right? It’s that day where kids go door to door begging for food and, if they are not given a treat, then a trick is deployed in the form of some mild prankery. Well, apparently, this isn’t enough, so the day before Halloween, i.e. today, is also known as Mischief Night or Devil’s Night, where japes, pranks and mild vandalism take place just for kicks. It’s also known as Mizzy Night, Miggy Night, Tick Tack Night and Corn Night and, in some areas, is considered a kind of coming of age event for teens.In the States, several Mischief Nights have got out of hand with 130 arson incidents taking place over one night in New Jersey during the 1991 festivities. This wanton destruction has led to the creation of Angel’s Night (as this night didn’t have enough names already) where upstanding citizens patrol the streets and try to stop any mischief from occurring. Good luck with that.