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Bugs Bunny makes first appearance

Get Your Bunny’s Worth

Let’s face it, most celebrity rabbits are pretty rubbish. Peter (wuss), Thumper (annoying), Harvey (imaginary) and even the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny (confusingly sexy) all have their detriments. But there is one fictional carrot muncher who is a head and little tufty tail above all of the rest. Bugs Bunny. And it was on this day in 1938 that Bugs first appeared, annoying a certain pig in Porky’s Hare Hunt.It was more of a prototype Bugs than the bunny we know today. He didn’t look exactly like his later incarnation and he failed to say ‘What’s up doc?’ in any meaningful way. But he definitely had the hyperactivity, wise-cracking attitude and enormous sense of entitlement of the Bugs we know and love. 1940’s A Wild Hare is considered Bugs’ official debut, featuring the appearance, voice and catchphrase of the classic rabbit. And he continues to munch carrots and harass hunters to this day.