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First 3D TV programme aired

Don’t Panic, That Sausage Isn’t Really Coming Out Of The TV

Screenlovers of things unexpectedly looming out at you (like her majesty the Queen) rejoice! It was upon this day in 1953 that a Los Angeles based ABC affiliate aired the first experimental 3D television programme. The show in question was Space Patrol, which has been largely forgotten but I imagine involved people in space going off on patrol in some way and probably coming across some poorly constructed monsters or unfeasible aliens.

Unfortunately, not only were the denizens of Southern California unprepared for an entirely new dimension, no-one had bothered to distribute 3D glasses, so all that people saw were some blurry, confusingly hued astronauts.This started television’s infrequent flirtation with 3D programming that continues to this day. While cinema has gone ‘3D crazy’ in recent times, attempts to get the public interested in home-based dimensions has not gone so well. According to recent reports, even the latest technological advancements in home consumer screens and glasses has left consumers releasing a collective ‘meh’.