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Canadian DJ Prank Calls the Queen

A Load Of Old Monarchs

Ah, crank calls. Once there was a great comedy industry based around them. But thanks to caller ID and the mobile phones telling you who’s calling and where you are at any given point of the day, this delightful art form is on the wane. But surely one of the high points of crank call history occurred on this day in 1995 when Montreal based DJ and notorious prankster Pierre Brassard called up her Majesty the Queen pretending to be Canadian premier Jean Chretien. He not only got through to Elizabeth II but managed to chat with her for 17 minutes.Despite asking her ludicrous questions about what she was going to dress up as for Halloween and keeping her next speech to the Canadian parliament to ‘the length of a cornflake packet’, she didn’t twig. Or she did and just decided to go along with it for her own amusement. Once the prank was revealed, procedures for getting the Queen on the blower were tightened and changed forever. Shame.