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Happy Birthday Google

Search History

Happy birthday to Google! Sort of! The internet company, that is so huge and powerful that it has turned into a verb, has taken September 27th as the day it celebrates its anniversary. Even though, in 2005, it picked the 26th as its birthday. And in other years its been September 7th, 8th or possibly 4th. I mean, it’s supposed to be the entire web’s base for all searching all knowledge and information and it can’t even figure out what day it started to exist!In fact, the company was incorporated on September 4th, 1998, so that would make perfect celebratory sense. And, in fact, since its last birthday, the company has changed again and now trades under the moniker Alphabet Inc, so perhaps it will pick yet another date to throw a party and share a special ‘doodle’ with the world. If in doubt, you can always google it. Though, I’ve heard, that if you put the word ‘google’ into a google search box, your computer blows up. So maybe Bing it instead.