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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Getting Kitty With ItWe are entering that spooky time of the year featuring streets teeming with all sorts of ghosts, ghouls and, this year for some reason, killer clowns. So it seems the perfect occasion to celebrate everything black cat. Yes, today is the annual Black Cat Appreciation Day where the most witch-associated moggy is given its due. The day was initiated by the Cat Protection League as black cats are more likely to be neglected and abandoned. Even though they’re supposed to be lucky, aren’t they?Black cat owners get to upload delightful pictures of their cute feline friends as a way to encourage others to adopt a similar beast and give them a new home. Though do be careful if you’re a pirate. They had many strange black cat beliefs. A cat walking towards you was bad luck while one walking away was a good omen. And if one got on your vessel and then suddenly left, it meant your ship was going to sink. Pirates are weird.