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Google announces new driverless car

Ways To Scare Pensioners #432

On this day in 2014, some mom and pop organisation called Google (or something like that) announced its latest version of the driverless car. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘Pah, driverless cars, whatever loser’. But this latest iteration of the non-motorist vehicle had a big difference. No steering wheel, no pedals, no clutch. Just a big red button that you press when the singularity comes.The cars can be summoned by a smartphone app.

The traveler enters and then is whisked off to their destination by the car itself, while they sit back, crank up Heart FM and crack open a can of Tizer or similar refreshing beverage. Other driverless car initiatives still contains all the car gubbins that we know and love, like wheels and mirrors and buttons that do things, so the driver can take over when things go Pete Tong. The Google car is the first to do everything by itself with no involvement from the person in the car. Which is scary.