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Bloody Marvellous

On this day in 1914, Belgian doctor Albert Hustin conducted the first successful non-direct blood transfusion, though prior to this, doctors, scientists and passing lunatics were always trying to cram in or yank out plasma from unfortunate human beings. For centuries, physicians had experimented with using animal blood on their human patients, leading to their fast and inevitable death. Which m... Read more >

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1st Rugby Union International was held between England and Scotland

Rugby can be quite a brutal game. Fierce tackles, painful grapples, random punching and obligatory ear chewing. But can you imagine what it was like in the old days? When the players had great big sideburns that opponents could grab ahold of and elaborately carved pipes that could be utilised as weaponry?

All of this was on display on March 27th 1871 when the first ever Rugby Union Inter... Read more >