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Mariah Carey Turns Empire State Building pink

Mariah’s Colourful ErectionMany famous musicians are honoured with awards, trophies, gold discs or perhaps an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But you have to be something pretty special to get the Empire State Building bathed in colours that are your particular favourite. That was the tribute awarded to walk-in wardrobe fan and bubble bath connoisseur Mariah Carey on this day in 2008.

Usually reserved for national holidays, sporting victories or significant events, turning the iconic New York skyscraper a specific set of colours was not usually deemed appropriate for female singers shifting their latest CD. But, by means we don’t even want to think about, Mariah managed to get the building bathed in lavender, pink and white, her signature trio of hues, to celebrate the release of latest effort ‘E=MC²’ and to recognise her achievements in music. The main achievement being this thing with the Empire State Building.