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Eric Cantona's birthday

Apparently My True Love Gives Them Every Christmas

If you like your footballers French, feisty and full of philosophy, you almost certainly have a soft spot for Eric Cantona, who was born on this day in 1966. Perhaps his unique worldview is due to the fact that he was BORN IN A CAVE. Yes, his family home was a cave in the Marseille landscape.

Was David Beckham born in a cave? Was Cristiano Ronaldo? How about the other Ronaldo? No, I don’t think so. Only Cantona was a cave dweller.After spells at Marseille, Nimes and Leeds United, Eric joined Manchester United and his legend was solidified. He was known for his passion, occasionally expressing slightly too much passion, such as the time he took a flying kick at a Crystal Palace supporter which nearly ended his career.

Since he stopped kicking footballs (and people) at the relatively youthful age of 30, he has turned to acting, appearing in Elizabeth, The Salvation and Looking for Eric. He’s now returned to football, coaching the New York Cosmos team. Oh yeah, and HE WAS BORN IN A CAVE!